Spring Into the Everyday Inventive and Reinventive Mindset

by | Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

The first day of spring typically is regarded as a time of rebirth and an impetus to organize items you’ve accumulated in anticipation of brighter days ahead. Usually these notions are associated with leaves sprouting on trees, flowers blooming in gardens and various spring cleaning duties around the house, but there’s no reason why you can’t apply them to your business as well.

This month at RE:INVENTION, we’re getting in the spirit of the season with the launch of our new strategy website, everydayinventive.com. There you’ll find valuable information to reinvigorate your business and make it seem born again, while revamping some of the ideas and processes that may have been preventing you from maximizing your potential and long-term value.

At everydayinventive.com you’ll have access to:

  • The Ten Guiding Principles For Everyday Inventive And Reinventive Companies: find out how everyday improvements, everyday progress, and great implementation can help your company achieve the greatest financial returns, beget better products, and create sustainable value
  • RE:INVENTION’s Everyday Inventive And Reinventive Diagnostic Test: Calculate your company’s capacity and propensity to innovate amid prevailing market forces, get your score, then compare your company’s performance with data by industry, organization size, organization age, and geography
  • Everyday Inventive And Reinventive Tips: 100+ free inventive and reinventive business tips you can put to use today
  • The Everyday Inventiveness Blog: Our team talks about the topics of the day and puts them in the context of Everyday Invention and Reinvention
  • RE:INVENTION’s 12 “C’s” Of Commercialization Guide: This free downloadable guide explores the challenges of commercializing inventiveness and helps companies design and launch compelling new products and services. Rather than advancing a rigid methodology, RE:INVENTION’s 12 “C’s” serve as guidelines – companies may re-sequence the “C’s” or emphasize some “C’s” over others. You can adapt and apply the “C’s” based on your company’s current challenges.
  • And coming soon: how-to case studies and an inspirational video channel featuring everyday inventive and reinventive companies

In addition to all of the above, signing up for the monthly RE:INVENTION Report and checking in often at reinventioninc.com are great ways to stay motivated with your Everyday Inventive And Reinventive initiatives. Our mission is to assist with those initiatives and inspire your company to successfully introduce new products, expand to new markets, and succeed with marketing activation. As far as all the boxes and other belongings that have piled up around your house over the winter, you’ll have to find someone else to help you with those!

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