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Change isn’t predictable or linear. So rigid change management models don’t work. Change happens, ready or not. Transformation only sticks when companies embrace uncertainty, exploit opportunity, measure what matters, and detox culture so good things can grow.

Kirsten Osolind, Chief Transformation Strategist

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100+ Clients have hired RE:INVENTION to create a Culture of Transformation.


C-Suite Advisory Calls (Metrics 90X)

Get Ripped. Warp Speed.

Get business transformation metrics ripped 90X. When you can’t tell your leadership team and employees what to prepare for, you have to show them how to prepare for anything and teach them how to measure results. What you measure is all you get.

RE:INVENTION helps executives solve urgent business transformation or change management challenges, bust management myths, exploit what you know, embrace uncertainty, and build an exceptionally viable Business Transformation Metrics Framework (BTMF™).

We’ll work with you 1:1 to identify business transformation buckets, overcome/solve culture/performance gaps, then zero in on your greatest change leadership growth opportunities. We’ll help you shepherd projects from capital allocation and pilot testing thru deployment, business use cases, and sustainable change adoption.


You’ll avoid enterprise-wide business transformation failure and REALIZE VALUE across 5 DIMENSIONS OF CHANGE:

❶ People
❷ Products/Services
❸ Processes
❹ Technology (including Generative AI)
❺ Physical Infrastructure

Our unique approach builds a bridge between IT VPs (focused on scaling IT automation/modernization to reduce complexity and technical debt), compliance-driven HR / PROSCI-trained people change managers, and C-Suite leaders (focused on strategic vision, business growth, maximizing value, and profitability).


  • LEARN MORE about our 90 day BUSINESS REINVENTION process.
  • LEARN MORE about our Business Transformation Metrics Matrix.

Our advisory calls are supported by proprietary RE:INVENTION tools including our 90 Day Business/Brand Reinvention Process™, Modern Day Change Management Leadership Process™, M&A Brand Integration Success Secrets™, Everyday Inventive Diagnostic Test™, Ten Principles of Everyday Inventive Companies™, 12 C’s of Commercialization Guide™, Anticipatory Thinking Training Platform™, and Interactive Business Blueprinting Matrix™.

Fees: 90 Minute Call – $1,499
Options: 10% Off for 4 Calls Booked Upfront

Metrics Masterclass

A Curated 4-Week Class.

This specially curated 4-week class is tailored to provide hands-on business transformation metrics training fundamentals, empowering you to move from strategy to action and value realization from business transformation projects.

Harness the power of business transformation to create sustainable business value and an engine of operational excellence and revenue growth.

Gain knowledge and practical skills to harness organizational change, achieve alignment, and measure your business transformation efforts. Upon completion of this course, you’ll know how to measure business transformation results.

You’ll learn “old school” management approaches (PROSCI, ADKAR, Design Thinking, Agile, JIRA, Tableau, PowerBI) AND modern change leadership tools (RE:INVENTION’s Change Leadership Flywheel, the Business Transformation Metrics Matrix™, bespoke Data Visualization Dashboards).

During the course, we’ll help you create a metrics-driven Business Transformation Roadmap that identifies your unique competitive advantage with high-impact tactics to drive business performance, improve agility, and accelerate growth. Your Roadmap will include: readiness and risk assessments,change agent activation tactics, resource/budget requirements, ROI analysis, milestones, KPI metrics, and timelines.


  • Week 1: Introduction to Business Transformation
  • Week 2: Employee Readiness Assessment, Training, Communications
  • Week 4: Project Management, KPI Metrics, Value Realization
  • Week 5: Sustain Change, Business Maturity Models, Art of the Possible Roadmaps

Fees: $995
Duration: 4 Weeks (8 live cohort instruction hours)

Measure What Matters Labs

Transformation Metrics Hackathon.

Measure What Matters Labs combine an analyst business transformation trends presentation and “hands on” hackathon for C-Suites, Board of Directors, and Business Transformation Work Teams. Remote or in-person — your pick.

We’ll share things you won’t learn from million dollar, multi-year McKinsey and PWC contracts. You’ll receive breaking business transformation trends and tools (based on your company’s industry, market position, times-revenue valuation, and competitive advantages). Then, we’ll help you define your optimal business transformation tactics — with metrics linked to business outcomes.

Using a combo of short interactive team discussions and breakout sessions — supported by digital tools like RE:INVENTION’s Everyday Inventive Diagnostic Test™, Ten Principles of Everyday Inventive Companies™, 12 C’s of Commercialization Guide™, Anticipatory Thinking Training Platform™, and Spotting Your Giraffe™ Brand Reinvention Process — we’ll help your leadership team take stock of your company’s capabilities, processes, systems, and resources and marry them with measurable business outcomes.

You’ll create a tailored action plan with measurable KPIs so you can ACHIEVE YOUR MOONSHOT GOALS and REALIZE VALUE across 5 DIMENSIONS OF CHANGE:

❶ People
❷ Products/Services
❸ Processes
❹ Technology
❺ Physical Infrastructure


  • Challenge framing: to kickstart the process
  • Customer/employee assessment surveys: to get an inside-outside view
  • Creative ideation: to take stock of capabilities and resources
  • Context shifting: to transform participants’ point of view
  • Data visualization and infographics: to map connections
  • Interactive whiteboards: to track ideas and suggestions
  • Digital videography: to capture collective intelligence
  • “Outside the building” excursions: even when you can’t go “outside”
  • Custom-designed workshop participant materials: to guide exploration and discovery.
  • Narrative/rapid prototyping: using Google SketchUp, Tinkercad, 3D Printing, various third party platforms, and “maker materials” like marshmallows, fruit-scented markers, pasta noodles, gluesticks, and toy soldiers.

The goal? Moving beyond ideas to ACTIONABLE SOLUTIONS — the beginnings of a proprietary market shift, organizational change, product, patent, practice, or process that you can test, advance, and deploy to fuel measurable growth.

Fees: $9,995 + $50 per participant
Duration: Half Day + pre- and post-project work

Time to Value Team Roadmaps

Problem Solve. Redesign Roadmaps.

This offering is targeted to teams who need to solve immediate business transformation challenges and/or build a better business transformation metrics roadmap and plan.

We’ll help you resolve any current business transformation metrics challenge…

…then work with your team to create a tailored Business Transformation Roadmap with measurable KPIs to drive business performance, improve organization agility, and accelerate growth. Your Roadmap will include: readiness and risk assessments, digital tools recommendations, resource requirements, budget requirements, ROI analysis, milestones, hard KPIs, and timelines.


  • Business transformation project management planning
  • Primary/secondary research including employee surveys/observation
  • Employee learning/development and engagement strategies
  • Change champion / change sponsor training and advocacy
  • Business transformation value realization and metrics
  • Employee retention and recruitment strategies
  • Bespoke business transformation tools development (from business transformation metrics and digital dashboards to visualization tools and intelligence alerts)
  • Enterprise software identification, sourcing, and implementation

Fees: 90 Minute Call – $2,500 + $50 per team member on the call
Options: 10% Off for 4 Team Calls Booked Upfront

Disruption Footprinting

For Small Businesses & Startups.

Disruption Footprinting is a rapid-fire market disruption / business growth activity for small businesses and startups that helps explain Time to Value Roadmaps and Business Transformation Metrics.

We’ll evaluate your company’s current capabilities and assets across 5 key dimensions of change – People, Products/Services, Process, Technology, and Physical Infrastructure. Then, we’ll provide a brutally objective, honest assessment of how your company stacks up against industry leaders…identify performance gaps…and recommend ways that you can leapfrog risk-averse large corporations and crush the competition.


  • We’ll start with a one hour briefing to determine who you are and where you want to go.
  • Next, we’ll review your existing research, operations, strategies, and market commercialization plans.
  • Then we’ll conduct Nimble Validation™ (a process of exploration and experimentation based on primary/secondary research and Lean Startup techniques).
  • We’ll assess the delta between how your present yourselves today and how you could be presenting yourselves.
  • Finally, we’ll provide you with the top five (5) “quick-win growth-hacking” activities that will improve your company’s agility and ability to achieve your goals.


  • Competitive intel
  • Customer analysis and segmentation
  • Talent acquisition/retention planning
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Organizational structure and team strengths assessment
  • Remote teamwork collaboration capabilities assessment
  • Prototyping/testing methods assessment
  • Customer experience assessment
  • Evaluation of internal and external collaboration practices
  • Cross-functional team development and cooperative strategic partnership activation
  • Review of current business growth strategies

This is a low-cost, high-impact diagnostic checkup your company can’t afford to miss.

Fees: $1,999 + equity (“we both share skin in the game”)
Duration: 1 to 2 days

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