In today’s fast-changing world, transformation is vital to future GROWTH. You need to surf waves of OPPORTUNITY. You need to be on a constant QUEST to wrestle new efficiencies from existing assets. You need to run at the right SPEED, in the right direction.

Using our proven Science of ChangeĀ® process, RE:INVENTION helps Clients develop a “lifecycle approach” to business transformation and change management:

Customer Insights Idea Management Rapid Product Development Market Commercialization Culture of Change Convergent Strategy


  • Social Intelligence
  • Big Data Processing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Primary and Secondary Research

Turn Intelligence Into Action

  • Ideation Technologies
  • Employee Idea Crowdsourcing
  • Customer Idea Crowdsourcing
  • Crowdsourced Business Case Input

Speed Product Development

  • Innovation Management Technologies
  • Team Driven Business Case Formulation
  • Collaborative Team Design

Diversify and Derive
New Revenue Streams

  • Incubation
  • Narrative Prototyping
  • Product Concept Testing and Validation
  • Market Development
  • Product Launches

Develop Value Chains and
Operational Efficiencies

  • Employee Engagement
  • Social Business Collaboration
  • Social Knowledge Management
  • Social Intranet
  • Strategic Partnerships

Prepare for Future Change

  • Product Performance Metrics
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Business Architecture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Real Time Dashboards

REINVENTION’s 90 day business and brand reinvention processes will put your company on the path to continuous transformation.

Give us 90 days. We’ll help you ACCELERATE core and new-growth innovation, turn challenges into opportunities, increase your ability to ADAPT to marketplace fluctuations, BOOST productivity, and IMPROVE ROI. You’ll create a new innovation-ready CULTURE and ENGAGE both customers and employees like never before.

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