Our Story

We Believe Any Company Can Ignite Business Transformation.

We believe your company can spark “business transformation”, given great execution, intelligent insights, and the right tools, process, and vision. That’s why we founded RE:INVENTION.

Inception and Evolution

For over a decade, RE:INVENTION®, America’s Business Turnaround Agency, has helped companies create what’s next™, redefine what’s possible, spark innovation, and jump-start growth. We’re agents of change™. We’ve served 100+ amazing clients, from Fortune 500 leaders to national non-profits and Inc. 5000 venture-backed startups.

RE:INVENTION’s proprietary methodologies include our 90 Day Business/Brand Reinvention Process™, Modern Day Change Management Leadership Process™, M&A Brand Integration Success Secrets™, Ten Principles of Everyday Inventive Companies and Diagnostic Test™, and 12 C’s of Commercialization Guide™.

Our consulting firm was founded in 2003 in Chicago, Illinois by a former Fortune 100 marketing executive who had led innovation efforts for five of America’s most admired companies according to Fortune® Magazine. Her “career relocations” had taken her to 20 cities across the U.S. and abroad. She wanted to share “best practices and processes” with the World. In 2010, RE:INVENTION expanded our team from Chicago to San Diego, California.

Award-Winning Work

RE:INVENTION’s clients have been honored with numerous prestigious business awards for their innovative achievements and our woman-led consulting firm has been honored as a finalist or winner of numerous awards including iMedia Agency Awards®, Stevie Awards for Women in Business®, San Diego Magazine Women to Watch Awards®, and Corporate Vision Consultancy® awards.

Using proprietary tools like RE:INVENTION’s 90 Day Business/Brand Reinvention Process™, Modern Day Change Management Leadership Process™, M&A Brand Integration Success Secrets™, Everyday Inventive Diagnostic Test™, Ten Principles of Everyday Inventive Companies™, and 12 C’s of Commercialization Guide™, we’ve helped companies REINVENT lackluster business and brand strategies and INVENT new products, processes, and ventures.

You Win, We Win

RE:INVENTION has helped clients:

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A Logo with a Hidden Meaning

RE:INVENTION’s logo symbolizes our philosophy and approach. We took the dots from the two i’s in “reinvention” and turned them sideways to form a colon, repurposing what we had on hand (the dots) to create a brand identity built on a double entendre. RE:INVENTION is about INVENTION (“regarding invention”) and REINVENTION (“continuous transformation”). Using what you’ve already got in new ways. Creating unexpected utility. RE:INVENTION packs a powerful punch: double the impact of INVENTION. The RE: sets you free.

What you measure is all you get.
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