Client Roster

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Over 100 companies – from Fortune 500 leaders to venture-funded growth stage startups – have trusted RE:INVENTION with their business transformation efforts since 2002.

We’ve worked on engagements for a wide variety of technology, SaaS, consumer products, retail, and financial services companies. Some of the companies we’ve been honored to serve:


Jajah Brickfish Neokast CyberStarts Pegged PhatNoise WilliamPaid BigCommerce Intellext Microsoft DealCurrent Uptake IDC CWET Ricardo BrightScope Groupacho Pinnacle 4Gov

Financial Services

Genworth ChicagoBancorp Vanguard GenFi

Consumer Products and Medical Devices

KFx Earthmate KoKoLogo LightBridge NuWorldFoods StarFarmProductions MetropolitanChicagoHealthCouncil Assimil YardArt TheFitWoman Comfortcake EverythingAttitude

Professional Services

MarcelMedia SmallBusinessTrends NetWorlding Sandstorm ProfessionalNetworker Conlon Brainforest CulinaryCommunication101 WencelHess TypeALearning SamGlenn PursueThePassion

Academic Institutions and Non-Profits

BoardroomBound Springboard SanDiegoHumaneSociety UCSD

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