Innovation Excellence’s Top 50 Innovation Tweeters

by | Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Yesterday Innovation Excellence (@IXCHAT) announced their Top 50 Innovation Tweeters. The list includes 50 prolific innovation practitioners who are active on Twitter. RE:INVENTION, inc. congratulates those honored. Out of sheer curiosity, RE:INVENTION has created a snapshot profile of those honored – with Klout Scores, Twitter Follower count, and hyperlinks to their Tweets. The average Klout score of those honored: 44.7. The TOTAL number of Twitter followers for those included in Innovation Excellence’s Top 50: 562,548*. One honored tweep – entrepreneur/intrepreneur Julian Keith Loren (@jkloren) — accounts for nearly 40% (217,931) of total Twitter followers among the Top 50.

A Profile of the 2012 Innovation Excellence Top 50 Innovation Tweeters

A Profile of the 2012 Innovation Excellence Top 50 Innovation Tweeters

Innovation Excellence’s Top 50 Innovation Tweeps Klout Score Twitter Followers
John Hagel (@jhagel) 69 10,931
Ross Dawson (@rossdawson) 60 31,436
Deborah Mills-Scofield (@dscofield) 58 2,954
Mitch Ditkoff (@mitchditkoff) 57 1,570
Mike Brown (@brainzooming) 56 12,676
Scott Berkun (@berkun) 56 13,470
Tim Kastelle (@timkastelle) 55 4,244
Gregg Fraley (@greggfraley) 52 8,281
Alex Osterwalder (@alexosterwalder) 54 19,207
Gary Schirr (@ProfessorGary) 54 52,626
Sarah Caldicott (@SarahCaldicott) 53 882
Jorge Barba (@jorgebarba) 52 4,672
Phil McKinney (@philmckinney) 52 8,119
Vincent Carbone (@insitevc) 52 3,796
Saul Kaplan (@skap5) 59 11,254
Graham Hill (@grahamhill) 52 5,832
Jose Briones (@brioneja) 52 3,132
Jose Baldaia (@jabaldaia) 52 3,121
Braden Kelley (@innovate) 51 13,350
Paul Sloane (@paulsloane) 49 12,159
Hutch Carpenter (@bhc3) 49 5,953
Chuck Frey (@chuckfrey) 49 5,122
Stefan Lindegaard (@lindegaard) 48 11,213
Cathryn Hrudicka (@creativesage) 47 12,001
Julian Keith Loren (@jkloren) 47 217,931
Stephen Shapiro (@stephenshapiro) 46 10,284
Scott Anthony (@ScottDAnthony) 46 4,753
Ralph Christian Ohr (@ralph_ohr) 45 2,237
Boris Pluskowski (@bpluskowski) 45 4,255
Matthew E May (@matthewemay) 44 7,771
Bill Fischer (@bill_fischer) 44 1,678
Frank Piller (@masscustom) 44 1,504
Paul Hobcraft (@paul4innovating) 40 1,296
Arie Goldshlager (@ariegoldshlager) 42 5,949
Clinton Bonner (@clintonbon) 41 2,189
Jeffrey Phillips (@ovoinnovation) 43 2,198
Andrea Meyer (@andreameyer) 40 19,165
Kevin McFarthing (@innovationfixer) 38 1,426
Nicolas Bry (@nicobry) 38 1,140
Kamal Hassan (@innovation360) 38 5,555
Drew Boyd (@drewboyd) 37 1,138
Rowan Gibson (@rowangibson) 36 1,933
Steve Todd (@stevetodd) 35 1,336
Robert Brands (@innovationrules) 21 2,287
James Todhunter (@jamestodhunter) 15 1,132
Robert Tucker (@robertbtucker) 12 285
Yann Cramer (@innovtoday) 10 586
Rocco Tarasi (@roccotarasi) 10 169
Drew Marshall (@drewcm) N/A 1,799
Max McKeown (@MaxMckeown) N/A 4,551

* As of end of day 7/23/2012.

At RE:INVENTION, one of our core beliefs is that “innovation” is still meaningful and mission critical for companies despite naysayers who suggest the practice has become buzzword jargon. We believe that “innovation” is basic good business practice, simply defined: it’s about making sustainable impact. It isn’t limited to novelty and new inventions. It doesn’t have to be disruptive, radical, or revolutionary. Simplification, reinvention, collaboration, change-ups, subtle pivots, leveraging under-utilized resources, and incremental, continuous improvements can produce innovative solutions.

We hat tip Innovation Excellence (@innovate + @rowangibson + @julieanixter) for sparking collaboration among innovation practitioners and calling attention to industry trailblazers. If we want to heighten the innovation industry’s reputation, we need to better promote leading innovation practitioners and collaborate more frequently with each other. Half a million followers among the entire list of Top 50 Innovation Tweeps is lackluster influence – and it isn’t enough. No wonder there are no “best seller” innovation books. No wonder why our industry isn’t able to overcome negative messaging. We need to spread the word about our industry thought leaders. Have you followed all 50? How many times this week have you retweeted them? How many times this week have you given them a “K” on Klout for innovation?

After all, sharing gains currency on the Internet. The matriarch of “collaborative consumption” — @rachelbotsman (a noted innovator surprisingly absent from Innovation Excellence’s Top 50 Innovation Tweeters List) — suggests sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting, and swapping is good for business and good for the world. Sharing creates social indebtedness.

P.S. RE:INVENTION didn’t make the Innovation Excellence Top 50 Innovation Tweeps list this year – fingers crossed for 2013. Merely for reference — RE:INVENTION’s Klout score is 61.

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