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November 11, 2005 Raleigh News & Observer, “Encouraging Women to Get an MBA”

“The former national marketing director for Whole Foods Market will be in Durham on Saturday to extoll the values of an MBA to women in business and discuss the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and executives…”

Winter 2005 Duke University Exchange Magazine, “Reinventing Women in Business”

“A profile of RE:INVENTION and CEO, Kirsten Osolind.”

December 2005 MBA Jungle Magazine, “Go Girl!”

“Osolind says: ‘No woman has to do it all. It is a choice. And women must live with their choices as do men.'”

November 1, 2005 Boston Herald, “Women’s Business”

“Joining forces are RE:INVENTION inc., a provider of marketing strategy, promotions and public relations programs for women-led business and companies trying to reach them, and Marcus + Company, an authority on awards and recognition programs.”

Oct 5, 2005 Chicago Sun Times, “Lewis Lazare’s Column”

“Chicago-based RE:INVENTION inc. and Marcus + Co. have inked a strategic alliance to generate new business, share tools and resources and enhance their ability to develop integrated marketing programs for female-led businesses and Fortune 1000 companies interested in targeting female entrepreneurs and executives.”

August 8, 2005 Chicago Tribune, “Minding Your Business”

August 2005 Inc. Magazine, “Why I Read Business Blogs”

“…all this is good to know. As is the fact that only 4.2% of venture funding goes to women, a cheering fact that I learned from Kirsten Osolind’s blog. Osolind is the CEO of RE:INVENTION inc., a marketing company in Chicago, and she bills her blog as “a toolbox for women-led businesses,” an accurate statement, as were it not for reading about it on her blog, I wouldn’t also be fantasizing about presenting at Springboard, a kind of Demo for women.”

July/August 2005 More Magazine, “What Women Want: Venture Capital”

“Starting and growing a business requires capital, says Kirsten Osolind, founder and CEO of RE:INVENTION inc. The good news? It’s out there; you just have to know where to look.”

June 16, 2005 Indy Star, “Start Ups on Cash Crusade”

“In 2003, only $868 million went to start-ups in the Great Lakes region — considered to be Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin — according to an annual report by Growthink Research and re: invention, inc. This compares with about $5.6 billion in the San Francisco Bay Area and $2.9 billion to companies in New England. And in this region, the report estimates only $42 million in venture funding went to companies with female CEOs, compared with $826 million to male-run firms. Nationally, women headed less than 5 percent of ventures in 2003 and received only 4.1 percent of capital — findings the report called “dismal.”

May 20, 2005 Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, “Like May Flowers, Valley’s Successful Women In Bloom”

“Four venture capital companies will share the stage on May 25 as the Women’s Technology Cluster holds its first national awards for VC investment in women-run companies…The winners come from a study released last year by Growthink Research and RE:INVENTION inc., of Chicago, Illinois. The two companies used 2003 data to do an analysis of 1,860 venture-backed companies titled “Venture Funding for Women Entrepreneurs: A Gender-Based Analysis of VC Investments.”

March 2005 Washington Post, “Insider Blogs Link”

“Calling all entrepreneurs. Learn marketing and business tips and tidbits for women entrepreneurs.”

March 25, 2005 ws Radio, “Entrepreneur Magazine Radio Show”

March 23, 2005 Washington Times, “The Battle of the Bloggers”

“One Chicago blogger, entrepreneur Kirsten Osolind, has been posting an ongoing debate with a conservative business pundit, Seth Godin…the tool of controversy seems to have worked for her, because she is being wooed by advertisers such as Home Depot…and she has landed a column with Entrepreneur Magazine…”

March 2005 Writers Digest, “Daily Doses”

“…writer/consultant Kirsten Osolind scored a magazine column and four clients from her blog…”

February 2005 Chicago Sun Times, “Ladies Who Launch: Women Helping Other Women”

“…Kirsten Osolind is CEO and founder of re:invention, a marketing and consulting firm in the West Loop that helps women-owned businesses find capital and gain visibility. RE:INVENTION inc. lists Ladies Who Launch as one of its many partners, and includes a hyperlink to Launch’s women’s profiles on its blog at www.reinventioninc.com. The blog also lists resources where women can seek capital…”

November 2004 Entrepreneur Magazine, “Local Motion: For A Competitive Edge, Offer Items Made Locally”

“Finding good local brands can differentiate your business as cutting-edge…” says Kirsten Osolind, CEO of re:invention, inc…Osolind also says these specialized brands can often command premium prices and draw repeat sales because they’re unique.

November 2004 BusinessWeek Small Biz, “Healthy Balances”

“Although women still win only a miniscule share of U.S. venture capital dollars – just $783.3 million according to a June study by Growthink Research and re:invention consulting – health care is the bright star. Last year women-led health-care companies garnered $427.7 million…The majority of that funding went to biotech and pharmaceutical outfits.”

October 4, 2004 Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, “Women Entrepreneurs Still Face Barrier to Financing”

“Without debt or equity, you will not be able to grow in scale,” says Ms. Osolind, CEO of RE:INVENTION inc., a Chicago company offering marketing services to women-led businesses.

October 2004 Entrepreneur Magazine, “Minority Report”

“In 2003, women led companies accounted for a scant 4.2 percent of all VC dollars, according to a 2004 report from Growthink Research in Los Angeles and RE:INVENTION inc. in Chicago… But in the microcosmic world of VC education, an interesting shift is taking place that may change those stats in coming years.”

August 2004 Entrepreneur Magazine, “Web Resources”

“RE:INVENTION blog….a plethora of resources for women business owners…plus current news.”

August 19, 2004 EPrairie, “Go Ahead: Raise the Price of Your Technology Firm’s Eggrolls”

Kirsten Osolind of RE:INVENTION inc., believes that clients may buy your services at a premium price point if you deliver a good value that offers “unexpected delight”. She professes that “it all comes down to the availability of substitutes” — and a customer’s willingness to spend their time pursuing alternative resources for their business.

August 14, 2004 Midwest Technology Journal, “Women and Venture Capital”

“RE:INVENTION’s” CEO, Kirsten Osolind, said “instead of bemoaning findings in this new report as yet another blow to women, we should be asking what can we do and where do we go from here?”

July 22, 2004 Women eNews, “Women Knit Venture Capital Networks”

“To find out how much of this total financing was going to women, Growthink Research, a publisher of venture capital research in Los Angeles and Chicago-based RE:INVENTION inc., a marketing consulting company, studied the venture-capital flows to men and women.”

July 21 2004 Dow Jones Newswire, “Something Ventured: Women-Run Firms Still Lag in Funding”

“Venture capitalists ‘don’t often give gifts or place bets, they make sound investments,’ said Kirsten Osolind, chief executive and founder of RE:INVENTION inc.”

July 5, 2004 Boston Business Journal, “A Woman’s Worth”

“Kirsten Osolind has this advice for female entrepreneurs: Finance for the company you want to become.”

July 2004 Web Digest for Marketers, “Best Marketing Blogs”

“…You may soon realize that Kirsten is a marketer you’d like to get to know.”

July 5, 2004 Houston Business Journal, “Dallas Fund Attracts Houston Women”

July 4, 2004 The Miami Herald, “Women-Led Firms Get Just a Sliver of Venture Financing”

(This article was picked up by several other newspapers, including the Bradenton Herald, Clarion-Ledger, Duluth News Tribune, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Grand Forks Herald, Kansas City Star, Biloxi Sun Herald, Lexington Herald-Leader, Myrtle Beach Sun News, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Luis Obispo Tribune, The Wichita Eagle)

June 28, 2004 Chicago Sun Times, “Women Target Venture Capital”

June 25, 2004 New Mexico Business Journal, “NM Beats Average For Lady Execs Leading Venture Firms”

June 24, 2004 St. Paul Pioneer Press, “Women-Led Businesses Struggle to Raise Venture Capital”

(This article was picked up by several other newspapers, including the Akron Beacon Journal, Cincinnati Enquirer, Miami Herald, Monterey County Herald, San Jose Business Journal, Sacramento Business Journal, Corvallis Gazette Times, Charlotte Observer, New Mexico Business Journal, San Jose Mercury News)

June 22, 2004 LocalTechWire.com, “VC Glass Ceiling: Women-Led Firms Receive Less Than 5% of Funding”

June 18, 2004 Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, “Kauffman Program Seeks to Close Gender Gap in VC Ranks”

June 17, 2004 Inc. Magazine, “Women Entrepreneurs Face Venture Capital Gap”

“According to a study from Growthink Research of Los Angeles and RE:INVENTION inc., in 2003, women founded only 84 out of 1,860 companies profiled and received $783.8 million worth of venture capital. re:invention hopes to use the findings to promote further development of female-owned businesses.”

June 16 2004 Business News Update, “When It Comes to VC, Women and Men are Not Equal”

June 14 2004 SSTI Weekly Digest, “Positive Signs Remain for Women-led Companies, Despite Funding Disadvantage”

June 4, 2004 Pittsburgh Business Times, “Survey Finds Men Far Outpace Women In Landing Capital”

June 11, 2004 Kirsten Osolind, RE:INVENTION inc. founder, was the featured guest on Entrepreneur Radio’s “Sales and Marketing Show.”

June 8, 2004 CIO Magazine, “Blogging for Fun and Profit”

“Kirsten Osolind, founder and principal of RE:INVENTION inc., a marketing consultancy to women-led emerging businesses, predicts some Weblogs will even become revenue generators.”

June 7, 2004 Marketing Sherpa, “Marketing Sherpa’s Best Marketing Blogs

May 2004 Featured in Seth Godin’s Bull Market 2004, Companies That Can Help You Make Things Happen

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